Little fun

Sorry I haven’t been on a while. Concentrated on my school and on my job to pay for it ;-) If you know what I mean.
Let’s play a game. Email me with feedback on my pictures, stories, perhaps things you’d like to do to me. If you have some wild stories to tell me please do too. I often get emails from followers telling me what they’d like to do to me and I rub my pretty little clit while reading them. I will answer you. If it takes a bit longer I’m sorry but don’t worry I will get to you. Don’t be shy on sending pictures either. Of you or your wives or gf. I will only post pictures of your wives or girlfriends if you say it ok to do.
Looking forward to reading those freaky messages ;-)

Haven’t been on for a while. Took a break due to school.
Well she’s 46 years old. You can see her pussy is loose but still hot. She has 5 kids. I would love to lube both my hands and alternate fisting her pussy switching hands. Then at the end try double fisting her gaping cunt. :-)
I’m such a lady …